Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jail Time

Hey Y'all,
Well, Nikita did it again. Gots us inta trouble wid a big "T". He stole a fancy candle from Maw's box in the basement and brought it upstairs so wese could check it out. Had a bit of a waxy taste to it. Maw found us and we got jail time until she cleans it all up.
Hey Meadow, sees hows much room wese have. We not squished. My cellmate has one corner and I's has the rest.
My brudder Nikita is such a troublemaker. Maw says he going thru the terrible twos likes a child! He even chewed 3 remote controls. Maw has to go get another and 'splain dat to da cable company.

This week Paw was cuttin up somes punkins so Maw could jars them. She likes to make punkin bread and pie. And maybe have some for us when we have tummy troubles.

I even gots to pick out my own punkin.

I's finally gots my pitcher wid Vada. I was waitin for hers to drops some food for me. See, I waits patiently till she done. I den checks to sees if she left me any. Of course not! She done ate it all.

Well, it's rainey cats and dogs Maw says. I don't see anys out there. How come they not howlin' and meowin'? Where is they all?? Good day for us Siber Sibs to lay around and chew the bones.
Husky Kisses to y'all,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More of my First Week

Hi Y'all,
Jest tryin to catch y'all up on more of my adventures. I's has so much goin' on. Hard to keep up wit all the new thins I's learnin' my Maw an Paw and sibs.
Danya, Nikita and Me was watching the neighbors do some working with big trucks and things. Maw says that place is a nursery for plants (I thoughts nurseries for babies?). Well, we kept our watch eyes on these fellas to sees hows they do things.

Then I shows Nikita and Ivanna how to weeds plants for Maw. Although she was none to pleased bouts it. I was jus showins off my skeels and thought I was helpin'.
Then Maw was trying to git all us in the sunroom and gits our pitcher taken. There was always one of us missin'. At least Vada in da piture. She's the black Sibe. See hows nice I's tries to smile for da camera. The udders didn't even want to look up for Maw. She keep tryin' she says.
On Satuday one of Maw's clients came and bringed me and Nikita a welcome to da family bag wid goodies in it. That's me wid a Nylabone corn cob. Now how dat woman knows I loves corn on the cob. I did share sum with Ivanna. Nikita took the stuffed toy star and de-stuffed in 3 minutes. Man, he fast. A few squeaks and it's a goner.

Sunday mornin Maw and Paw wents to a fleas market and brought home termatoes. (Thank goodness they's didn't brings home fleas, they's make me itch). Here's I watchin' Paw squish the termatoes and makes some homemade sauce. Maw says it's yummy but says wese shouldn' be samplin' none.
And now for the piece da resist-aunts. Nikita really good at gittin into trouble. I thinks he was gittin a bit hungry and it wasn't suppa time. So's he thoughts he could helps himself to some treats and maybe gives us some. But Maw's caught him. She scolds and tells him no biscuits before suppa. Don't knows why. Nikita eats all his suppa and never has any left over. I eats all of mine too!!! Biscuits would neva spoil our suppa.

Well y'all, it's my bedtime once again. Sure I will haves more adventures for you this week. Always sumthin goin on in this here house.
Husky kisses to y'all,
Biloxi and Siber-Sibs

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My First Week

Hi Y'all!!!
Whew!!!! What a fearst week I's had meself. So egg-citin with soo much to do!!! We kept Maw hoppin' likes a frog. We didnst wanted her to be bored.
On Monday, Maw had to meessage 2 new doggies. Whena she do that we jest played in the house. Nikita opened the garbage can, tumbled it over, and wese jest helped ourselves.
We just kinda spread it all over the place. Nuttin' good to eat though. I's thinkin' thar shoulda been sumthin. Theys did happen to find a bottle of used cookin' oil. So's Nikita popped the top and spread its on the livin' room rug. Maw thought she cleaned it up good buts a few days later, Ivanna found the spot and pulled out the rug fibers. She's tryin to get at the same spot but Maw cleaned it and covered it up.
Stillin thats didn't works. Maw had to rerange thes funiture. I evens gots to help. I supyvised.
I's gots to go swimmin' at the wadin' pool. No watta though. Musta had a drought or sumthin'.
I evens try to takes a friend an my sista Ivanna.
When I's couldn't go swimmin', wese just hung out on the swing. Boy, do I love that swing. Better than catchin' frogs ins a lily pond.

I also mades a new friend. Hisn name is St. Francis. I guess somehows I knows him. Maw say he protected me durin my bad days. I guessin he did cause nows I's in a good home with a lovin' family. Maw says he will always be here for all of us Sibes in this here house. Whens I was quiet, Maw would go looking for me and find me curled up in front of this here nice man.
That reds thin' you see on that door is also to remind us to stop so we don't bang our heads on the glass doors. Maw has one on the screen door to so we don't go through that and tears it all ups on her.
Well, Y'all, it's my bedtime. Will be catchin' you up on more of my adventures.
Husky Kisses to y'all

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Biloxi's First Day

Hi Y'all,
Well I sevied mys fist day wit da new family. Needs to learn dem alls bout me. Dey alls seem to like me. How could they not???? Such a handsome face as I gots.
I gots me 2 brudders and 2 sistas. One sista like a tattletail and lets my new maw knows if I dues somethin bad or ready to be in trouble. My udder sista just loves playin wid me. I likes to yank her chain and gits her to chase me. My older brudder is just watchin and takin it all in wid me. He will play if'n I lets him. But he probly can whoop my butt!! He's dealin wid 2 new brudders at the same time. My udder brudder was jus' dopted last week too! He seems like a whimp to me. I gives him the Biloxi one two tap on the snoot. I'm sure he could whip my butt too if'n he wants but I think he likes me too.
Danya is on the bed and Nikita is along side it. They's was gentleman and let me pick the comfy basket and left me a nice chew bone as a welcome present.
This hears my sista Ivanna. She's what they call petites lady. She's my size buts a little older dan me. (Ladies don't speak their age). Wese makes a good team. Vada my udder sista didn't want her pitcher taken wit me yet.

Scoped out my new digs. Nice big yard. Big fence too!!! Needs to keep them deers and cats from coming into our yard. Maw's got a pool fur us to do sum wadin'. A nice comfy swing if'n we jus want to sit out at night and watch the stars and bugs. (Hmmmm, Bugs, yummm!) Buts maw don't likes them bugs. She yelled at Ivanna fur playins wit a wiggly thing. I taughts we coulda used it in da pool when we goes wadin and catch us some catfish.
Well, I has lots more checkin out to do rounds here. My maw warned me thats I may lose some of my southern accent and pick up on the coal mining slang the longer I lives heres. Donts know what that is yet but guess I will learn.
Do loves my new home and family. Maw and Paw gives me lots of hugs and kisses and special tummy rubs. Guess in they loves me too! What's not to love????
Husky kisses to y'all who wishin I gots me a good furever home. And now I do.
Bless you all.