Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation part 2

HaRooooo Y'all,
Here are more of Maw and Pa's vacation pics.
Deese are of da National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.

Looks like der was sum pretty cool old airplanes dere. Dey has sum from da days of Wilbur and Orville Wright when dey first started tryin' to fly like da birds. Don't woo think da arms would git pretty tired from flappin' dem all day to try and fly all around?
Dis is a special 50th Anniversary Commemorative Quilt of the US Air Force. Can woo imagin jest snugglin' in dat thing on a cold winter night. Dat could be furry snuggly.
Maw always loved da cool designs on da backs of the pilots flight jackets. Dey had sum pretty neat designs.

Also, dis here is a tribute to a great entertainer, Bob Hope. Dis was way before my time. Maw said he was a great comedian and she loved watchin' him on TV when she was a wittle girl. Dey had black and white TV back then. Bob Hope traveled to many countries to entertain our American Troops. Dat makes him a furry special man who brought many smiles to da boys far from home.
Here is more of dem flying machines.Sum of dem is furry huge. How many huskies can fit in one of dem?

Since Maw and Pa were wid a special group, dey had a furry special dinner at the National Museum called "Dinner Under the Wings". She said it was one of da best dinners dey had.
There was an honor guard to present the colors before dinner. It brought tears to her eyes. Just awesome.
Dey also had entertainment by a small Air Force band. Deese are 2 videos Maw took. Sorry if dey is dark but the lighting was a bit dark in da big museum.

Maw and Pa really did enjoy demselves. Will have to check out Maw's flashy beast fur more pics later.
Husky kisses,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home from Vacation part I Kentucky

HaRooooo Y'all,
Well, we is all back from our furry nice vacation. Even though Maw and Pa left us wid dem nice purty girls again.
Here are sum pics I saw on Maw's magic box.

She and Pa went to Kentucky fur a few days. Dey saw lots of horse farms and bewoootiful green rolling hills.
Here Maw and Pa got to visit Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY. where da famous Kentucky Derby is held.Dey visited the statue of Barbaro who was a 2006 winner at the Derby. Unfortunately, he broke his leg dat ended his career and sadly his life.Dey also got a tour of the inside area of da racetrack.
Dey saw Mine That Bird's horse stall but he wouldn't poke his head out causin' it was rainin'. Guess he didn't want to get wet and melt. Haroooooo!Look how muddy da track can get!
Dat poor horse is gettin' all messy. Maw and Pa even got to bet on a horse race.
Maw's horse lost by a nose!!!!! If'n she won, we could have had more Happy Heart cookies! I bet she will git us more anyway.
Here is da replay. After dat, dey went into da museum to look at all da neat things about the Derby and the winners.

Maw loved the fashions that was shown throughout da years of da Kentucky Derby. Der was sum furry interesting styles.
Dis was a neat wall of da roses and all da winners posted on the roses. Here is more info on da 2009 winner, Mine That Bird.
I think dis was da blanket he gots to wear after winning. Ain't dat pretty?
Maw says it was a furry interesting place and wants to go back to visit this place again.
I will post more later on da vacation.
Fur now, dis has made me furry tired and I need my bee-wooty sleep.
Husky kisses,