Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Progress Report

HaRoooo Y'all,
Maw jest wanted all my furiends to see how much progress I made in a year's time.
She took dis vid while on our walkie today.

Jest remember, when woo is not the lead dog, the scenery never changes. Woowoowoo!!!!!!!!!!!

Husky kisses,


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Serene Sunday Not

Harooooo Y'all,

Well it's been a scorcher out der da past coupla days.
So's maw put up da pool and guess who be hoggin' it to hisself?

Big Bro Nikita!

Man, this water feels so nice and cool on my feety feet!

Mom, okay if I get in too?

Nikita, move over so I can jump in too! It's not all yours you know!

Hmmm, looks nice cool and refreshing. But do I really want to get all wet right now? Nawww, I'll jest wait till later.

Here is a video Maw took of Nikita and Ivanna in da pool. I jest didn't feel like jumpin' in till the water warmed up a wittle.

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

My New Bandanna

Harooooo Y'all!
Sorry maw hasn't been bloggin' so much. Summer's here and maw says der is lots to do out der. I has to keep nudgin' maw to check out da udder blogs so I's could see what all my furiends are doin'.

I's wanted to show woo all my new bandanna and yeller tag. It's a special working bandanna.
I didn't think I had to go to work. Maw and Pa do all dat so's dey can bring da dog food and treats home fur us.
I guessin' dis will be a fun type of working though. Maw says dis is my Therapy Dog bandanna and "I am a Therapy Dog" yeller tag dat I gotta wear when we go visitin' people and kids in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, libraries and udder places.

I gits to offer my paws in emotional support fur a lot of people dat feel sick, or dat need to pet a nice furry dawg like me to make dem feel a little bit happier.
I kin has kids read to me too! I think I will like listening to stories. Maw tells dem all da time bout us.
Maw gots all dis stuff in da mail about me being a Therapy Dog and what we has to do and how to behave. I think I behave purty well. I efen gots an ID card wid my picture on it.
Dis looks like it could be an eggsiting adventure! I gits to go lots more places with Maw now. I loves to travel and see peoples. It gits me outta da house away from my bossy sister Ivanna fur a wittle bit.
So all woo husky puppers and not husky puppers, woo kin do dis too! It takes practice and hard work but in da end, it's gonna be fun.
And to sum of those who thoughts huskies couldn't do this..... Phbbbbbbbt.
I is a Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog!
Hooorah Huskies!!!!! We's kin do anything!!!!
Husky kisses,