Thursday, April 30, 2009

Check It Out!!!!

HaRoooooo Y'all,
Do woo notice anything different????

Husky kisses,

Monday, April 27, 2009

Anudder Thank Woo

Anudder Special Thank Woo to Team Husky dat sent me dis award.

Dis makes me so furry furry happy! And Doc says, when woo are happy, woo get better faster.

I also want to pass dis on to my dearest Yankee girlfriend, Khyra, who sent more bloggers to my post fur lots of well wishes. And also to my former foster family da Kapp Pack, and da Washington Woos for special tips.

Husky kisses,


Special Thank Woo!

A Special Thank Woo to efurryone who stopped by my blog to wish me well on a speedy recovery.
I will try to visit efurryone's blog to pawsomely thank woo as soon as I stop keeping Maw so busy. I is cooped in da crate and she won't let me have da computer to keep me busy. So, I keep her busy instead wid special wittle walkies for potty break and stretches. Maw says I is doing fine and dat she sumtimes catches me stepping on my tippy toes. Good sign she says. Starting in a few days I is suppose to go running wid her. Or so da Doc says. Maw running in dis heat wave???? HaRoooooo! Dat's a Woof!

Fur now, Maw puts me on da swing outside wid her and she massages me from neck to tail. I jest loves it!!!!!! She says she wants da favor returned. I don't know about dat. I is going to play dis fur all I can git. Us huskies are not stupid! She was even hand feeding me da first few days and den jest started to put my bowl in da crate since she knows I can git my snoot into it to eat. I tried.

Husky kisses,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Biloxi Did Well

HaRooooo Y'all,
Well I is home from my ahhh-pee-ray-shun. Doc says efurrything went well and I's could go home to rest.
Isn't dis embarrasing? I is one quarter naked!!!!! Plus I gots to wear dis satellite dish!!!!!!! Houston, we got a problem. Can woo hear me now????Dis is how I feel about my former owners who didn't take care of me correctly cause I had to be put through this. Shame on woo! Phbbbbbbbbbbbbtttttttttttttttttt!
Oh Houston! Can woo hear me now??? I can't git a signal. Nuttin on dis end. Well, it was a long day and I is furry tired and sore. Furgive me but I need to git much needed rest. I is suppose to be on complete crate rest fur one week. Can woo see Maw trying to keep me quiet fur one week???? I don't think that's gonna happen.
Thank woo all fur all the sibe vibes and crossed paws, prayers and thoughts. Dey helped me and my family git through this.

Husky kisses,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


HaRooooo Y'all!

Well, I is going fur my ahhh-pee-ray-shun tomorrow morn'. Doc says it's my hip causin' problems fur da knee. He is gonna remove part of my hip bone to help my leg feel better and den I can walk better he says. Doc was movin' my kneecap around and it didn't hurt none. When he moved my hip around, dat hurt and I let him know it, but in a nice way.
I will have one week of recovery time and den maw is supposin' to take me walkin' an runnin'. Can you see Maw runnin' wid me????? She'd be havin' a ahhh-pee-ray-shun next or I'd probably give her a hardy tack. So, here's a lesson fur all woo pups out dere.
1. Look both ways befur crossin' da street to make sure no cars acomin'.
2. Make sure your Maw or Paw is wid woo when woo go fur a walkie.
3. Also, be on a leash wid your Maw or Paw attached to da udder end to keep safe.
Please pass de woofs of safety along. We don't want to see any udder puppers go thru what I's has to go through. All because someone wasn't watchin' me and I wasn't taught dese lessons.

Thank dogness, my new Maw and Paw is always watchin' us puppers (efen tho we do kind of sneak into a wittle trouble).
Maw will keep efurryone posted on how it goes.

Thank woo for all da Sibe Vibes comin' my way. Dey is truly ahh-pee-she-ate-it.
Husky kisses,

Monday, April 20, 2009

Biloxi meets Renee aka NayNay

Hi Y'all,
Before I starts my story, Maw is please asking dat y'all send Sibe Vibes and cross your paws fur me. I have a booboo knee called Luxating Patella, whatefur dat is. My kneecap keeps slippin' outta place. We is going to see da doc on Wed. Will keep woo posted on dat story.

Now to da rest of da story.
Maw took me to da Pet Expo in Hamburg, Pa. dis weekend. I got to meet a furry pretty girl named Renee aka NayNay who is a foster of MaPaw Siberian Rescue.
Isn't she a purty girl? She is also furry playful but she likes to steal things. Here she stole my water bowl. Actually, Maw let her have a drink of water. I kind of got a furry vocal wid her too. I was givin' her a piece of my mind, but I don't think she cared. Not one bit.Den I was scopin' out what was under da MaPaw table. Thought der might be some goodies hidin' under der. No such luck. But Maw did have my treat bag so I did enjoy some tidbits.
We also gots to meet anudder husky named Bandit. Notice I tried to git out of da way of da camera. Didn't make it in time. Isn't Bandit a handsome boy? He was adopted from MaPaw bout a year ago.

Renee and Bandit gots along furry well. They kept playin' and playin'. I kept gittin louder and louder. I think we was da focal point of da show.Den we decided to chill out fur a bit.

Of course NayNay didn't want to lay down wid us. Don't know why. It was furry comfortable.
Dey had all kinds of good stuff at dis show. Different rescue groups and shelters was sellin' goodies, bandanas, tshirts and more jest to help raise money for da doggies dey want to help.

Dey also had CPR demonstrations so all the Maws and Paws could help der doggies if'n dey has trouble breathin' or sumptin' stuck in da throat (like a chicky bone). And, how to handle a doggy if it has an injury. Furry interesting.
Renee also got to enter da Eat Everything on your Plate contest. If woo remember, I failed dat one at Pawsabilities so Maw didn't enter me. Renee cleaned her plate. She even ate da lemon dey gave her.
She and another doggie won! Dey got a Blue Ribbon and a special box of treats!!!!!
Here she is wid her foster Maw Bernie and da winnins'.
All in all, it was a furry fun and excitin' day.
Don't I look all excitin' in dese fotos? Notice da body placements.

Husky kisses,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Pics

HaRoooo Y'all,
Sorry we is late wid our Easter pictures. Maw had problems wid da new computer. Her cardreader driver was missing. (I guessin' he took off nevfur to return).
Well da Easter Bunny left us a nice basket full of toys. Der was lots to choose from.
Hmmmm. Which one, which one?
Hey Nikita, which one you want?
I don't know Danya. I'm thinking these bottles look cool!
Hey Boys, don't forget your older sister here.
I picked a nice green bear. He was furry squeaky.
Den I decided to go pick anudder toy and took da pink bottle.

Nikita decided he want another toy too. Paw was helpin' him to decide.

Den Danya decided he was going to gather all da toys around him. He wanted first pick and eventually decided on one of dem green bears. We also got some treats and blue Doozie bones. Dey is kind of rubbery and great for chewin.

After our long day, Nikita and I decided on a wittle nappy time. Notice how we look like twins wid our poses. See our head and paw placements? Maw thought we looked furry cute like dis.

We hope y'all had a furry nice Easter.
Husky kisses,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Special Sweets

HaRoooo Y'all,
It does look like Maw was gettin' ready to paint da kitchen wid da brushes and colors she had lined up.

But,yes, Miss Lady Khyra was right! Chocolate Husky lollipops. Unfortunately, only hoomans can eat dees.

Maw was makin' dees special for da MaPaw Siberian Rescue to sell at a show this month. Dey don't know about dem yet. Maw was doin' dem as a surprise so dey could raise money.

Maybe she will make sumptin' special for us too!
Husky kisses,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Maw's creating

Hi Y'all,

Can woo guess what Maw is up to?

It smells yummy but says it's bad for doggies. So's we can't have any. Although Nikita did try to git at it.

Will let you know tomorrow.

Husky kisses,