Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today's Surprise

Harooooo Y'all,

Check out our see-prize.

See dem big white wet snow flakies???

Here is an update of how much snows we gots!!!! And it still be comin' down!

Egg scuse da screen.

Husky kisses,


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pawsablilities 2010

HaRoooo Y'all,

Well, Maw took me on a trip yesterday to a show called Pawsabilities at da Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. Dis show helps to benefit Susquehanna Service Dogs that raise puppies and trains dem to help people wid disabilities.

Maw took me here fur a purpose. She wanted to git me tested for a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) which I knows I already is. And da TDI (Therapy Dog) test. Maw was hoping I would do so good.

I walked nice on leash. I let da lady pet me and brush me. I walked past a piece of food and left it (da second time around). I walked around da crutches and wheelchairs. I stayed wid a stranger fur 3 whole minutes. I efen did a down/stay fur Maw. What I didn't do?????? I didn't COME when maw gave da command. Da last part of da test. I was in my down/stay and didn't feel like gittin' back up. What do woo think of that?Maw says we will have to try again later in da year. Da tester thinks I be good at rally/obedience. Rally, maybe. But obedience??? Come on! I'm a Sibe! Maw couldn't take pictures because she was helpin' me.

Maw was proud of what I could do. But Maw says we will do a wittle more training and see if I could pass da test next time. Maw wants me to work wid kids and sit wid dem and let dem read to me or whatever makes dem happy.

We did gits to meet up wid Aunt Mandy, Uncle Steve and cousin Sadie. Sadie was doin' a com-pee-tishun called Dock Diving.
Here is Uncle Steve wid Sadie waitin' in line so Sadie could jump in dat big pool woo see behind dem.
Here I was checkin' out her com-pee-tishun. I was also cheerin' Sadie on to do good.
Here's Sadie on da dock. Uncle Steve is tryin' to git her to jump in da water. She does it at home all da time. But here, efurrytime Sadie run to da end of dock, she stopped. It was furry funny!

Sadie did have to go in da water to retrieve her wubba. Sadie did do a few more jumps but not like she does at home. Guessin' Uncle Steve will work wid her over da summer so she could do dis again next year.

I gots to meet lots of doggies and udder hoomans here.

Here I am wid Clifford da Big Red Dog!

And this is da Blue Dog dat lives in a Big Blue House! Dey were both so furry nice to me.

Maw took me shopping and we walked lots and lots. Got some hoofies to chew on. And some free treats.

Okay, Maw. I has had enuff. Could we go home now???

Woo Hoo! I is ready for home! Let's find da truck!

I know da Sibe-urban is around here sumwhere! Lots and lots of cars!

Here it is Maw! I founds it!

In my nice comfy crate. I is ready. Put da pedal to da metal Maw! Rollin' rollin' rollin'.


Husky kisses,


Friday, March 12, 2010


HaRoooooo Y'all,
Here's a puzzle fur woo.Can woo tell da diffeyends between dees 2 pics?

Look closely.

Husky kisses,


PeeS: Da secret is under da table.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Iditarod Today

HaRoooo Y'all,

Well, today starts da Iditarod Race in Alaska. Being a husky and all, I find dis to be a furry interesting race. Maw says she would love to be able to visit der sumtime and watch part of da race. Me and my brudders and sisters would rather jest watch on TV and relax on our pillows instead.

Now Maw has been doing something wid us da past month called da Idita-Walk.

She is to walk 1049 minutes before da Iditarod ends. It started in February and ends when da Iditarod ends.
Well, Maw has clocked in over 1100 minutes so far. We is so furry proud of her but she couldn't a done wid out us. Wooo Woooooo!
Husky kisses,