Sunday, February 22, 2009

Found on Maw's Camera

HaRooooo Y'all,
Look what I found on Maw's camera.
Da week befur my birfday dey had some girls take care of us. Now we knows why!
Dey spent 5 days at Beaches Resort on Turks Caicos Island. Wherefur dat is. Somewhere in da Caribbean Maw says. I wonder if'n dey saw any Pirates, like Captain Jack Sparrow?
Dey went to da pool and beach for swimming and jest doin' nothin'! Can woo believe dat! Doin' nothin'!
Looks like dey enjoyed some furry good food at da Japanese restaurant. Maw says der was lots and lots of food and plenty of places to pick from. She was so happy not to cook for da whole week.

Dis is one of their bartenders in da pool. Can woo believe you git to stay in da pool and git a drink? Of course when we is in da pool, we jest drink dat water. Furry refreshing.Den Maw saw dis funny lookin' dude wid da crazy hair. I think she called him Ernie. He was dancin' and wavin' to efurryone.

Dis is a pic of Maw and Pa on der last night on da island. Dey looks furry refreshed. Dey is probably happy dat dey was coming home cause dey missed us.

Dis is how Danya and I felt da day after Maw and Pa got home. We were exhausted. Don't know why. We had a furry good vacation too!!!

Husky kisses,


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Woo Woo and HaRoooo Y'all,
On Sunday, Feb. 15, I gots to sell ebrate my furry 1st birfday!!!!! Maw went shoppin' and got all kinds of goodies. They were fur my birfday and also da Daytona 500, what efur dat is. Jest cars goin' round and round. We call dem zoomies when is we go round and round! Here's all dem goodies Maw got. Den Maw made me a Birfday cake with da Beggin Strips. YUM!!
After it all cooled down, she made us bowls of cookies and cream ice cream and cake!
Den we all got some.
I cleaned my bowl real good like.
Danya pushed his into da corner. I think he did dat sews no one could steal his bowl. Like we would do dat to him. Never in a million years!

Den Nikita tries to steal all da bowls sews he's could chew on dem. Dat boy likes to chew on efurrythin'.And den Maw gave me a nice chew bone wid stuff in da middle for chomping on. Boy it was lip and paw lickin' good! She also had udder toys fur me but didn't want to spoil me. Me Spoiled! Dat's a woof!

Now about dat Daytonie500 race. Here is a pic of Maw and Pa wid Maw's favorite car!

Go JG!!!!!!!!!!

Husky kisses,


Sunday, February 8, 2009

HI Y'all,
Well me and Nikita was gittin' plenty of playtime in. How's dat little bro? Watch dem teeth!
Watch cause I am gittin' right back at you! Okay, now it's time for a break. Truce!Hey Nikita, I think it's time we git a drink. Whaddya think? Our furry own wittle magic bowl to drink from. HaROOOOOOOO!

Husky kisses,


PeeS: We spied some sqhquirrels!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Pin-Ups

HaRooo Y'all,
Maw jest wanted to show y'all how proud she is of me and Nikita. We are da February Pin-ups in da MaPaw Siberian Rescue Calendar. Dis is da picture dat is published. Maw calls it "Brotherly Love" cause of da way we has our paws crossed over each other.
Husky kisses,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Camera

HaRooooo Y'all,

Maw jes gots her a new camera and is sperimentin' wid it. Her real good 35mm camera don't take videos so she boughts her a Kodak MD1063. Dis one records sound sews you kin hears us haroooing and efurrything.

Today is Soupy Bowl Sunday. I is rootin' for da Steelers since dey is in my "home" state of Pawsylvania. GO STEELERS!!!!!!! We chase our own footy-balls arounds da yard. Can we have our own Soupy Bowl?

Maw jes watches for da commercials. She jes loves dem Clydesdale horsies.

Husky kisses,