Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

HaRoooo Y'all,

Jest wishin' woo all a Happy, Healthy, Safe New Year!!!!!!

Your pal,

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Belated Christmas!

HaRoooooo Efurryone!

We wants to wish efurryone a Belated Merry Christmas!

Maw was so busy gittin' things ready fur da family to visit on Christmas Day. Cooking, baking, prezzies, table arrangin', crate arrangin' to keep us puppers safe so we don't sneak out da door. Would we do dat?????
Here's what me and Nikita was doin' later on.

Hey Nikita, is woo gonna share dat ting or not?????? Come on, Come on! Maw, Nikita ain't sharin his Ruby Cube!!!!!Awwww right! Awwww right! Here's I push it to woo. I can't seem to git any treats outta this thing. Maybe woo could do better.

Nikita and I kept dis up fur awhile. Maw says it kept us busy and outta trouble.

We each got a Ruby Cube and it is fun!

Hope woo all had a furry nice Christmas wid lots of prezzies!

Husky kisses,


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another goodbye

HaRoooo Y'all,
We want to wish anudder of our Siber friends Godspeed. Today Penny crossed to da Rainbow Bridge. She had become furry sick. Her Maws were wid her and gave her comfort as she crossed.
Godspeed Penny and dance among da bee-wootiful stars in yur purty harness. May your paws be furever upon your family's hearts. And at da end of time, woo be waitin' wid your pretty leash to continue da journey wid your family.

Husky kisses,

Friday, December 11, 2009

We Is Waitin'

HaRooo Y'all,
Here is me and Vada waitin' fur Pa so we kin finish watchin' our program!

Hey Pa! Is woo comin' wid dem snacks yet?
I don't know what's taking him so long.
Geez! I really am gittin' a bit hungry and I want to see da end of dis movie.
What's he doin'? Growin' da stuff himself????
Husky kisses,

Saturday, December 5, 2009

So Furry Sad

HaRoooo Y'all,

Please visit our pal Jack and his family today. Jack's sister Tori has crossed da Rainbow Bridge. She was wid dem fur about 5 weeks and gots furry sick.

Her maw took her to da vet to help her git better. And we all thought Tori was doing so furry well. But as da stars deemed it, dey thought Tori should come home to da Rainbow Bridge.

So dance sweet girl among da stars in your bee-wootiful harness. And my your paws be furever upon your family's hearts.

Extra hugs and snooter smoochies to woo Jack.

Your buddy,


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Efurryone!

HaRoooo Y'all!
Jest wishin' woo all a furry Happy Turkey Day!
Wid lots of punkin' pie to go wid it!

I want to give tanks to all of woo fur being my friends. Woo is da coolest group I knows. Enjoy your special families too! Wid out dem, where would we be?

And I want to give tanks to my siblings fur being my bestest sisters and brudders. I always has sumone to play wid.

And special tanks to my Maw and Pa fur da wonderful home I has, wid food, water, comfy beds, HH cookies, special walkies and best of all, da hugs and smooches I keeps gittin. Dey jest makes me feel so good and loved.

Husky kisses and Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jumpin' Bean

HaRooooo Y'all,
Here's my sister, Ivanna, da Jumpin' Bean.

Husky kisses,


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Husky kisses,


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fur Snickers

HaRooooo Y'all,
We is asking efurryone, at 5 p.m. Iowa time to send your thoughts, prayers, kisses, and sibe vibes fur Miss Snickers.

Thank woo all furry much. She needs all dat we can give her.

Husky kisses,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Something's Out Der

HaRooooo Y'all.
There's always somethin' kitchin' Nikita's atenshun out der.

Husky kisses,


Saturday, November 7, 2009

They're Here! They're Here!!!

HaRooooo Y'all,

Num num num num num!!!!! Can woo all guess??????

Here's da special markings on da package. Need anudder clue??

Here's Ivanna to show woo what's inside. Actually, I think she be guarding it so no one else gits it.

Look!!!! Look!!!!! Look!!!!

Happy Heart Cookies!!!!!! A woooooooooooooooooooooo!

Look at dis furry special shape!! It's a Husky! Husky cookies fur Huskies!!!!!!

Here's Danya gittin' his HH cookie!

And Vada. She was furry polite and gave Maw a chance to use da flashy beast.

Here's Ivanna gittin' her own husky.
And Nikita was fast as lightin'. Couldn't wait fur his cookie.
And den der's me. I couldn't wait!!!! Num num num num num!!!!! MMMMMMM MMMMMM Pawtastic!!!!!!

Maw better learn to git quicker wid dat flashy beast if she wants a pitcher of da cookie before we devour it. We'll keep her practicin'. We now has plenty of HH cookies to do it wid.
And we has special flavors to try too such as watermelon, mint, ginger! Can't wait!
Hey Maw! Kin we practice sum more now to see if woo is quick wid da flashy beast???
Husky kisses,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lost It

HaRooooo Y'all.
DANG!!!! I don't know where it could be! I hid it here sumwhere.

I will help try to find it too Biloxi.

Hey, little bro, I will look over here.

Biloxi! Are woo shure woo had it out here?

Yeah yeah. Purty shure.

We'll just keep on looking.

Husky kisses,


Friday, October 23, 2009

On Top of Things

Hey Puppers and KitKats!
Nikita here.

I am searching........

For clues...........

On who chewed this squash.

I will stay on top of things to get to the bottom of this.

Paws Up,


Monday, October 19, 2009

A Houseguest

HaRoooo Y'all,
Wells, we had a houseguest fur da past coupla days. Cousin' Jager came to stay while his Mom (Auntie Mandy) and Uncle Steve went to Florida.

Dey went fur Biketoberfest in Daytona. Auntie Mandy said it was fun and furry hot. Dey didn't git to enjoy da snow like we did.

Here's Nikita with Jager. Nikita loved chasin' him around. Nikita would put his paw on Jager's back and try to nudge him into sum ruff housin'. Worked efurry time.

Aren't maw's mums bee-wootiful here?

Notice how Ivanna be little miss bossy with Jager. She don't let no one rule da house except for maw of course. Notice how I jest kinda stay outta da way. I wasn't buttin' in on her territory.

Later on me and Ivanna decided to take a relaxin' break in da sunroom. I love layin' out in da coolness here. Maw says I is a true husky lovin' da cold like I do. But I don't have one of dem really thick coats. She can't unnerstand it. Da legs woo see in the background are Jager's. His maw was comin' fur him so he jest decided to wait by da door fur her.

We did enjoy havin' his company. Maw says some day he will stay agin.

Husky kisses,


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snow today

HaRooooo Y'all,
WE GOT SOME SNOW!!!!!! Woo woo woo wooo wooooo!!!!!!!!!

I love da taste of snow on my tongue!!!!!

Husky kisses,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009 Hike n Howl

HaRooooo Y'all,

Well we has still been purty busy doin' stuff again fur the past week or so.

On Saturday, Maw took me to the Hike n Howl held at Tyler State Park in Newtown, Pa. It was not too nice of a day cause it rained off and on and a bit cloudy.

But dey had a purty good turn out wid all da people and all dem huskies, and a few udder kinds of dogs too!

Dese are sum of da tents da rescue groups had to sell all kinds of stuff like sweatshirts, bracelets, stuffed huskies (not real ones), treats, leashes, collars, toys, etc.

Dese was a table cover dat da MaPaw group used. Do woo think woo could find my puppy pic here? Here's a hint: it's by dat book.

Maw wanted me to pose wid dis giant husky but I turned away from him too fast. Maw couldn't git me to stay wid him fur too long. He did have sum interesting smells on him but I had better things to inspect whilst I was there.

Dis here was a nice table filled wid all kinds of baskets wid toys, treats, special stuff fur da hoomans. Dey call dis da rafflin' table. You gotta buy tickets and hope woo win sumptin'. I would rather jest take da basket and go on my merry way but Maw says it's a way to raise money for da rescue groups so it helps pups like me git saved.

Der was also a flashy beast tent set up. Of course, Maw had to get our pitchers taken. I kept turning my back on da flashy beast. Maw had a hard time gittin' me to stay still. But we gots our pitchers taken and dat made maw furry happy.

Dis here is da food table. Boy, did efurry thing smell yummy.

Maw gots me a veggie burger! Can woo believe it!! No hot dog but a veggie burger! Don't tell Maw but it was furry good. I did eat all of it. Da only thing I don't like is da bun. I don't like bread too much either.
I gots to meet lots of doggies. Dey was all furry nice and well behaved. I think dat little girl on da left side wid da orange scarf, her name Casino. Ain't dat a cool name!

Dis cute wittle guy's name is RJ! Isn't he handsome! He jest got adopted by his foster family! Dey jest loved him so much dat dey wanted to keep him. Way to go RJ! Maw fell in love wid him too. I think Maw has a thing fur us reds. We are jest so unique.

Since we got to da festivities a bit late, Maw took me fur a wittle walk along the trails. The park was furry nice wid all da leaves changing colors. It also let me stretch my legs a bit cause it took us over 2 hours to git there.

And here I is taking a wittle break from our walk. It was furry beewootiful and we had a great time. I am hopin' to go next year again.

As woo can see, I was one tired pup on da way home.

Husky kisses,