Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Gotcha' Day

Harooooo Y'all.
Sorry we ain't been postin' lately but maw and pa have been furry busy dis summer.
But we be skippin' dat part cause Maw has sumptin' to say here.

Biloxi's Mom here.

I just want to wish my sweet little red head a 2nd Happy Gotcha' Day! I am so glad we took him into our home. He is such a sweetie and a joy to have.

But now, he thinks he is King of the household and likes to have his treats delivered to him either on one of his pillows or in his bed. I think he is taking this a bit too far.

Here is his baby picture that made me fall in love with him.

Why does Maw hasta always show my baby picture??? But I does look cute. And I always will look cute, ummmm, handsome.

We celebrated wid sumptin' special Maw made called Punkin' Paws. It actually be punkin' bread but made in paw shaped muffin cups. Dey was so furry yummy.

Enjoy your weekend efurryone!

Husky kisses,