Monday, March 30, 2009

I Can Do It!!!!

HaRooooo Y'all!!
I am proud. I did it! I did it! I did it!

I jumped on Maw's bed all by myself!!!!!!!! She didn't has to help me!!!!!!
HaRooooooo! (Where's my doggy chorus when I need them?)
Husky kisses,
PeeS: Nikita is guilty of efurrything he did.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Was Framed!

Hi Efurry pupper out there,
This here's Nikita. Biloxi is letting me post on the blog today.
Here's the reason: I was framed!
While Mom was outside cleaning up the yard from us, one of dawggies snuck back into the house. Mom noticed I was missing from outside. She called and called and I did not answer.
She came running in the house and found this on her floor.

This is a bottle of stuff she puts on her face. Since I knocked it off the bathroom counter onto the floor, I thought I would give it a try. I had to chew the top off to get at it.
So I got yelled at for that.

Next, Mom was looking to see what else I stole. She couldn't find her ring. No where on the bathroom rug. She searches and searches. Picks up all kinds of rugs to see if I hid it. Naw, why would I do that? Finally, she found it here, next to one of our doggy baskets. I didn't put it there. Maybe it fell off her finger. I don't know.
Next she is looking for me again. This time she found this package all torn up. Now how did that happen? HaRoooooo roooo rooooo!
Now don't I look innocent enough? I tell you I was framed! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
PeeS: Don't tell Mom, but I just stole the perfume bottle off the counter and gave Biloxi the top to it. Harooooo roooo roooo!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dig the Holes

HaRoo Y'all,
Me and Ivanna wants to show y'all da holes we made.

As woo notice, Maw has no grass left. Plus she had to turn da planters upside down and coverin' her barrel causin' we be digging in dem too!

Husky kisses,


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pawsabilities 2009

HaRoooo Y'all!
Boy, did I has an eggsiting day on Saturday. Maw tooks me and only me on a road trip to Harrisburg for an event called Pawsabilities 2009. It is a fun event where lots of dogs could come and enter contests, shop, jump from a dock into water (who'd be silly to try this?) and meet lots of people and udder dawggies.
First thing we had to do after I had my potty break outside, we had to go and give Maw a potty break too! We go in dis wittle boxed in area. I was not to pleased. Why can't she go outside like I do?
At least like da Southern Gentleman dat I am, I don't look. (I really jest wanted to gits outa there. Disgusting.)
Den we are on our way down a long hallway to git into da event. Let me tell you, dem floors were jest a little too slick for my taste. My legs were going all over da place. More on this later.
So guessin' who I gits to meet with???
Dat's right! The Kapp Pack Biped clan! My former foster family. Der is Michelle, Jeff, and da little biped. Dey remembered me! How could dey forget? I has such a bewootiful face. Dey couldn't believe it was me, Biloxi! I grew since dey last saw me.
Plus, guessin' who else I gots to meet?
Dis is Brook! Ain't she a pretty girl. Maw says she reminds her of Nikolai causin' Nik had a dark mask like Brook does. I wasn't too sure about her though. I was giving her wittle growly growls but she was givin' it right back to me. She's a tough wittle girl but her Maw says she is a furry good sister to Meadow. I did let Brook know she is lucky to have a furry nice furever home wid brudders and sisters to play with.
And here is Meadow too! I wasn't too sure she remembered me. I even gave her some growly growls. Guessin' cause I is bigger dan her now I can git even from when she use to pick on me. Maw was not to happy wid me acting like dat. I think I upset her a wittle. I usually don't do things like dat. I didn't do it to udder dawggies there.
Here Maw was trying to git a picture of all 3 of us. But of course, Brook turned her back to show tail, Meadow must be taking lessons from someone (we won't say who) cause she wouldn't look at da camera, and I guess I was distracted.
Next, Maw entered me in da Clean Your Plate contest. Maw was sure I could win dis event since I likes to eat efurrything at home. Der were about 30 other puppers in da ring for dis food event.
First dey give you good things to eat.
I had a hot dog, cracker, apple, and a piece of Milk-Bone. All furry yummy treats. As you can see I am cleaning my plate like a good doggy.
Here I was waitin' for da waiters to come and bring me more food. Hurry up!!! I is hungry.
Den dey gives you udder stuff to try. Celery was the next thing. YUCK YUCK YUCK! Maw was trying to coerce me into eating dat stuff. Where's more Hot Dog????? Yuck Celery! Well dat ended me being in da contest. I was hoping to try da pickles and lemon. Why couldn't dey feed dat stuff first or just stick wid da hot dogs and MilkBones? So after all of dat, we walked and shopped and said our goodbyes to da Kapp Pack and promised to see each other at another show sometime.
Den me and Maw met up with Maw's stepdaughter and future son-in-law, Mandy and Steve.
Steve was giving me a frozen treat. It was furry yummy. Makes up for dat yucky piece of celery. I ate da whole thing cause Steve's dog Sadie didn't like it. So Maw gave Sadie my treats. We watched da Dock Dogs event. Dat was cool. See dat blue thing in da background. Dat's da pool dey jump into. When dey splash da water out, I had to move my butt fast so I wouldn't git wet. Don't know why. I was lying on a wet floor.
Den we headed home.

Dis was me once we got home. I was one furry tired pupper. But is was such an eggsiting day.
Husky kisses,
PeeS: Oh! Da floors? Maw had to pick me up and carry me across certain parts of da floor cause I would rear up, back into someone or something and not budge. Jest didn't want to walk on slippy floors. I have a feeling she's gonna put something on my pawsies next time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lazy Dreary Sunday

HaRoooo Y'all,
A dreary, rainy, lazy Sunday. Ivanna

Me, Biloxi

What else is there to do?
Husky kisses,

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Doggy Chorus

HaRooooo Y'all,

This is what happens in our house when da fire engines go by. Danya starts and we all join in.

Notice how I don't move even when Nikita's tail keeps flapping in my face.

Husky kisses,