Thursday, November 7, 2013

HaRooo Efurryone!

HaRooo Efurryone!!!!!
Just droppin' by to see how woo is all doin'!
Maw and me has been checkin' out sum of our bloggin' buddies to see what's been happenin'.

We are sad to see dat sum of our friends have crossed to da Rainbow Bridge. So we want to say how furry sorry we are dat a member of da family is now gone and dat you had woo your hearts broken.
We have also lost a member of our family too, my sister Vada (but maw will do a post later) as maw is still dealin' wid a broken heart.

But we is also furry happy to see that der are sum new additions to sum of dese families and we want to say "HAROOOO and WELCOME!

Your old pal,