Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tragedy of Bear Bear

HaRoooo Y'all,
By now, a lot of woo know about da horrible tragedy of Bear-Bear, a 3 yr. old siberian husky.

It is so furry sad and we is prayin' dat dey open da case and charge dat horrible hooman.

Here is what Maw wrote to sum fishels and I gives her permission to puts it on my blog.

How dare the police department not file charges against this so called officer! What he did was cruel and unjustified. This is very sickening.
This is NOT JUSTICE! This so called officer took the life of a beloved family pet. He did not even give that kid a chance to get Bear Bear!!!! The investigation is one-sided. And a lot of us can see that! Now you have one gun happy cop out there who can shoot at anything he pleases.
He needs to replace that husky by paying for the adoption of another husky to that family. Plus he needs to make a SIZABLE DONATION to Tails of the Tundra.
His shepherd did not have one scratch or bite mark from that husky because they were playing.
Talk about a guy who does not know about dogs and how they interact with one another. He need classes to understand dog body language and how they interact if he is the owner of a German Shepherd Dog.AND HE NEEDS HIS GUN TAKEN AWAY!!!!!!!

Dis is our story and we is stickin' to it.

Woo all kin go visit Lady Khyra's blog and Meeshka's World by Shmoo for more info on helpin' out.

We need your help! A massive social network movement is underway to get justice for Bear-Bear! We have succeeded in informing the County Executive to re-open this case. We want you to keep the pressure on the county, the county police, and the Federal Officer's workplace. His employer currently states that no charges will be filed and he will be returning to work tomorrow (5 August 2010).

It doesn't matter if you live in Anne Arundel County Maryland, please call and demand justice for Bear:

John Leopold, Anne Arundel County Executive(410)

Anne Arundel County Police Western District(410)

Fort Myer Public Relations (Officer's workplace)(703) 696-0596Director of Public Affairs(703) 696-4979
In Memory of Bear-Bear,


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

The paws of justice are running through the field of the park now -

His due is khoming -

Thanks fur sharing your blog with Bear-Bear -


How Sam Sees It said...

We are with you - this shouldn't be allowed to happen. Why was he allowed to discharge a firearm in a public place?