Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vacation from Maw and Paw

Hi Y'all,
Well we've had a woo woo of a week! I was busy doin' lots of things before Maw and Paw went to Hershey Antique Car Show. I had to digs some holes for fall plantin'.

I shows Ivanna hows to prune da lilac bush before da snow falls. Maw was none to pleased about dis. But it's gots to be done so woo have bea-woo-tiful flowers in da spring.
Maw was busy baking lots of food for the car show. Us furkids had to waits untils she drops somethin on the floor. No such luck.
Then Maw and Paw left us wid some girls to cares for us. We had extra treats and bellyrubs. They loves us. What's not to love? We have be-woo-tiful faces. Wese real charmers.
Maw and Paw sets up tents with stuff to sell at the show. Paw sells car stuff and memorabilia.
Maw sells vintage clothing and stuff for doggies likes us.
Maw also meets a MaPaw foster mom. Her name is Phyllis and she fosters Chewie. Chewie's foster maw was selling reproduction oil cans with Husky on dem to help out MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue.
Maw tooks pitchers of some of the vendors at dis show. Deys got lots of people dat comes from all over da world. Maw meets people from Sweden, England, Australia and udder countries.
Maw evens gots to go to Chocolate World and buy some yummy chocolate chip cookies. Deys is HUGE!!! But we don'ts get a taste cause Maw says chocolate is no good for us doggies. Not fair!!!! Who come up wid dat dumb idea?!? Us huskies eats anything!!!
Well, I's tired from my vacation. I needs to rest and relax from all the eggs-citement.

Husky kisses to y'all,


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


Great job with the gardening!!

My mom's name is Phyllis but I'm not Chewie!!!

Your mam and paw had khwite the nice weather fur THEIR fun!!!!


My Two Best Friends said...

WOO WOO Biloxi

What a weekend! And you had so many jobs! Good Job!

Thor and Marco Polo

Khady Lynn said...

What a fun place! I'm sorry you didn't get to go with them. They could have at least brought you home some Dairy Queen ice cream!


Randi Lyn said...

WOO Biloxi, sounds like woo had quite the week! Great job on the holes and the lilac!!

Hope your Maw and Paw sold lots of stuff.

WOOO woo rar rar rar,
Kayla and Maebe

Katherine and Pippa said...

ooh what good gardening skills, I am impressed. We need some stuff cutting back, maybe you could help.

I went car booting once. it was ace fun, lying under my Land Rover and looking for other dogs and cats. There weren't cats though. :(


Lindsay said...

Good job, Biloxi! I'm glad you liked the girls you stayed with, that makes it okay to be without your peoples.

Brown dog kisses,

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Hey Biloxi! Great weekend! What would your parents do without you?


PS. Send us an email at and we'll send you the birthday cake recipe.

Jack & Moo said...

Wooos Biloxi,
we wondered where woo landed - nice to see woo have a terrific furever home now!
Sounds like woo all had a fun weekend.

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo

D.K. Wall said...

You know the Herd is always impressed with landscaping efforts!

Peanut said...

Good job on making sure the plant lives to next year. What would they do without you?

Kapp pack said...

Hey Biloxi, in your pictures it looks like you're getting really big. The bipeds are talking about seeing you tomorrow at the Hike 'n' Howl. Sorry, I won't be there, but I told Mom and Dad to take some pictures.

Butt Wiggles, Meadow