Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ma and Paw Escape!

HaRooooo Effurryone!
Ma and Paw escaped us yesterday! I found dese pics on Ma's flashy box.

Dis looks like sum old rundown buildin'. Could ma and paw have been wanderin' around in dis? Yep they were, but not in dis old part. Dis is da old Bethlehem Steel Plant in Pa. and ma and paw stayed in da Sands Hotel dat was re-furr-bished from part of dis old buildin'. Here is Pa lookin' at some of the old pics of da original place. This is from one of da hallways in da hotel. Furry nice, huh?Dis was da view out der window. See da trains?? Der is 2 of dem der.
Then dey went to a museum dat had a display of cars celebratin' 100 years of Chevy. Cool color! And den dey had some wittle snacks in da old fashioned diner! Pa had lots of cheese ma says. We just love Cheese!

We did manage to git ma and pa back home today where dey belong.

We are jest gonna have to build a bigger fence to keep dem here.

Husky kisses,



Shane Kent Louis said...

Oh It's sounds very exciting and adventurous escape!

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NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

How khool!

Year ago, Mom worked at a place that made stuffs fur use at Bethlehem Steel -

It's sad the plant is gone but nice they've turned the building into something rather than just tear it down -


Pippa said...

nuisance that they escaped, but interesting stuffs though :)


D.K. Wall said...

Why would the humans ever want to get away from all of you?

Unknown said...

Amazing blog thanks waiting for more.

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